Ford’s SMART Mobility Innovations: A Run-up to CES 2015

Right from Henry Ford’s vision of “Opening the Highways to all Mankind” to the endeavor of democratizing in-car Technology, Ford has been steadfast in developing innovative technologies that have set new paradigms in automotive history and contributed towards sustainable mobility.

According to estimate, the global car population is expected to more than double by 2050! It’s not hard to imagine the impact this will have on our urban lifestyle, where people already spend a large chunk of their time stuck in traffic.

In order to address challenges to personal mobility in the short and long term, Ford Motor Company’s Executive Chairman Bill Ford put forth Ford’s Blueprint for Mobility in 2012.


Ford’s SMART Mobility Innovations: A Run-up to CES 2015

With a global vision to make mobility affordable – economically, environmentally and socially – Ford carved out an ambitious Blueprint for Mobility in 2012.

Ford’s Blue Print for Mobility is a multi-decade vision for how Ford can contribute to creating a better world. It involves experimentation, leveraging technologies, developing novel business models and forging meaningful collaborations right now leading to new models of transportation and mobility in the next 10 years and beyond.Read more about the vision here.

A few noteworthy initiatives that Ford is already undertaking in order to realize these goals and address challenges to personal mobility are as under:

Ford’s Innovate Mobility Challenge Series was kick-started in 2014 for 8 global cities including 3 in India – Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Developer and ‘maker’ communities were invited to come together and find innovative solutions to 8 specific challenges relevant to each city including congestion, health care solutions, and improving mobility during monsoon season. Ford will announce the global winners of the Innovate Mobility Challenge Series 2014 at CES 2015 this week.For more details on the challenge series, click here.

Sustainable Mobility Project 2.0(SMP 2.0) is a WBCSD initiative that brings together pioneering mobility related industries and government agencies to follow a holistic approach and address the issue from a much broader perspective. Harnessing the power of collaboration, Ford is one of the supporting companies of SMP 2.0 leading the project in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and will develop a road map for scaling up the implementation of several innovative solutions to improve Mobility and quality of life of citizens.

SUMURR (Sustainable Urban Mobility with Uncompromised Rural Reach) is another unique mobility initiative undertaken by Ford to bring the right health care to the women and children in inaccessible parts of rural India. So far the project has enabled childbirth for 75 pregnant women belonging to the high-risk mother’s category, visited 54 villages and reached more than 11,303 people to facilitate community awareness programs focused on maternal and child healthcare.Click here to know more about SUMURR.

In addition to these initiatives, Ford has always believed in using technology smartly to make life easier. It was the first automobile manufacturer to introduce Bluetooth in the Ford Figo and has most recently introduced the SYNC with Ford AppLink technology which allows users better control over their smartphones while driving, simply by using voice commands.

Ford at CES 2015

Ford is participating at the CES 2015 where Ford’s global President and CEO, Mark Fields will be presenting a keynote on Ford’s commitment to keep exploring and supporting innovations in the mobility solutions.

The keynote is scheduled for 6th Jan 10PM IST.

We wish the company success and are eager to hear more updates from Blueprint for Mobility project soon at CES 2015 next week.

Disclosure: We have partnered with Ford India to bring you all the updates from Ford at CES (#FordatCES). We will also be covering their Global and Indian SMART Mobility initiatives

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