Ford Announces Winners For Innovate Mobility Challenge at CES 2015

In order to tackle mobility issues planet earth might face with the exponential growth of population and exhaustion of resources, Ford has taken an initiative, which it recently ousted as its Blue Print for Mobility.


An important aspect of this vision was Fords Innovate Mobility Challenge series, which challenges and invites people from around the world to give innovative solutions to the upcoming and existing mobility issues faced by masses. Ford has named the winners for its Innovate Mobility Challenge during Ford President and CEO Mark Fields’ 2015 International CES keynote address

Challenges included delivering healthcare solutions in Tamil Nadu, providing real-time information to improve transportation during Monsoons in Mumbai, decrease time taken to get help after a traumatic incident in Delhi, busting traffic congestion in some of China’s most densely populated cities, and improving the delivery of goods and services in Portugal.

“Ford has been enabling personal mobility since day one,” said Ford President and CEO Mark Fields. “Now, more than ever before, Ford’s open-innovation approach, new technologies and a globally connected network of developers are enabling mobility solutions at an unprecedented rate.”

All submissions were judged by a panel of local experts and ford executives. In total prices exceeding $200,000 will be awarded to winners of this challenge. Winners will also get scholarship for entrepreneurial education in Argentina.

In Mumbai, India – Mumbai Monsoon Helper, developed by Khyati Majmudar was considered worthy enough of reward, as it provides effective solution to solve mobility issues during heavy monsoon season in Mumbai. The app combines real time weather forecast with public shared information to help people make better and more informed decisions.

In Delhi, Flare, developed by Utsav Shah won the grand prize for being an effective solution to improving mobility after a traumatic incident. The App combines the input of volunteers and Delhi authorities to improve medical outcomes.

In Chennai, SimPrints Solutions for Community Health Workers, developed by Tristram Norman from the United Kingdom won the challenge. This effective app connects healthcare workers to patient medical records with a fingerprint, thus enabling more informed decision making and improving medical outcomes.

Ford will also initiate a Mobility App challenge in Australia, winners for which will be announced in early 2015. Encouraging masses to come up with innovative solutions for worldwide mobility problems is a smart move from ford. Ford’s Innovate Mobility Challenge series has already received more than 400 submissions from around the globe. To read more visit

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