Facebook for Android now 50 percent faster and data efficient

Facebook is the most vital component of one’s social life. It allows you to stay virtually connected with your friends wherever they are. Being a mobile first company, Facebook launched its mobile app on different platforms to make Facebook accessible anywhere you can get data. In earlier stages, I remember the time when it was so pathetic and resource hungry that I avoid using it especially on mobile network.


With time passing by Facebook has evaluated its mobile app and have tried to make it better. Recent update is one of the polished versions we have ever used. There are a lot of changes made which makes it stand where it is now.

First of all, the mobile optimization which involves reduced app size, optimized resource utilization based on hardware. Reducing startup time and making the mobile app faster across the wide of handsets was a challenging task but it has been done and the app is now 50 percent faster after understanding the potential bottlenecks.

Data efficiency which means reducing the data consumption by using new technologies like image compression, caching, etc. which actually have reduced up to 50 percent data usage of the original one.

Using new network protocols, the network stack have been improved which utilizes new networking concepts to enhance the overall experience of the mobile application especially with areas having poor connectivity.

You might have already been updated to the new version, if not we will suggest you to do the same right now.

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