Envirochip Radiation Protector Chips Launched In India Starting at 500 INR

We all are aware about the harmful effects of radiations which emerge from electronic devices, still our life is impossible without mobile phones, PCs, laptops and all things digital in this world driven by technology. Today a radiation management company has come with a possible solution for this problem.

Synergy Environics Ltd. has today launched new range of products to save people from harmful radiations of electronic devices. Synergy will retail these products with the brand name “Envirochip”.

EnviroChip Router

So how do these chips work? Essentially these chips rest above the radio transmitter and change the nature of radiation or the sinusoidal waves.

“The Envirochip is a passive device, which operates at a much higher frequency and generates random waves, which superimpose the constant Microwaves emitted from Mobile Phones, Computers and other Wi-Fi devices and makes it compatible with the body’s waveforms.” explains the company.

These “Envirochips” can be used with mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets, Wi-fi routers etc.  as a radiation protector and have been clinically tested and certified to reduce harmful effects of daytoday radiations. These tests were conducted by Max Healthcare, a French ITES company in Delhi NCR and a reputed lab in Cambridge, U.K.

EnviroChip Laptop

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Pranav Poddar, Director, Syenergy Environics Ltd., said “Mobile devices have become a part of our lives, and it is unthinkable to let go of this technology. To protect ourselves from the harmful radiations that are emitted out of Mobile Phones and other electronic gadgets, we have created the Envirochip. It is a patented technology, wherein, a combination of inert materials are used to change the harmful nature of radiation, hence it poses no harm to the user and does not even interfere with the signal strength of these gadgets. Envirochip is a result of more than 5 years of research and practical applications”.

All these Envirochips are available at all popular retail outlets and e-commerce channels in various colors including Black, White, Red, Silver, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Pink & Green at different prices. Take a look at the prices in the table below.


Type of Envirochips MRP
Mobile Phones Rs.500/-
Laptops Rs.1100/-
Desktop Computer Rs. 1100/-
Tablets Rs. 700/-
WiFi Router Rs. 700/-

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