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Samsung, the leading brand in the world of smartphones revolutionized the smartphone industry with their Note Series. The first device under the series – Samsung Galaxy Note was announced at IFA 2011 in Berlin. Since the launch of Note Series Samsung has sold over 40 million Galaxy Note devices. This year Samsung announced the third device under Note series i.e Galaxy Note 3.

Note 3 features a 5.7 inch full HD super Amoled display and it runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS. The device is powered by a Exynos 5 Octa core processor (1.9 GHz Quad core Cortex A15 & 1.3 GHz quad core Cortex A7). Besides improving the hardware of the device Samsung has also made lot of changes in the software. One of the major feature introduced in Note 3 is the Air command which works with S pen stylus that comes with the device.

So today we would be talking about 3 things – dot, circle and square and how can these three things help you in your day to day life or more precisely help you in designing your life. So what exactly is a dot, circle and square in Note 3.

note 3 dot circle square featureSo when you take out the S Pen and hover it over the screen you will notice a dot and you can press the button the S Pen to launch the Air command to access 5 features- Action Memo, Scrap booker, Screen Write, S Finder and Pen Window. This feature is being referred as dot.

If you choose the Scrap Booker option you can simply draw a circle to add the picture, webpage or video to your scrapbook. Last but not the least, pen window function is referred as a square. you can choose the Pen Window option and simply draw a box of any size on the screen to access applications like calculator, contacts etc in a small window.

Here is a small video depicting the Air Command feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 explaining what dot, circle and square means.

Now you must be aware of the Air Command and the dot, circle and Square concept. So the question arises how these features help you in real day to day life scenarios. Lets discuss the few scenarios where these features would be very handy and useful. We have categorized the scenarios on the basis of various roles a user plays in a day to day life.

Saving  Phone Number : Imagine a situation where you are on a call and someone is dictating a number or one of your colleague tells you to save a number in your contacts. You can either open your contact book , enter name then enter phone number and finally save it. Or you can simply launch the action memo write down the name and phone number and choose save to contacts option. You might feel that it requires the same amount of time but believe me it is much easier and faster way of saving a number specially when you are on a call.

screenshot (2)

Search for a Important Piece of information: What if your boss asks you to send some information immediately and you don’t know where the information might be. You can keep browsing all your messages and emails to find the information or simply perform a search using the S Finder.

screenshot (3)

S finder can easily be launched using a two dots – 1st to open Air command and 2nd to open the S finder. Now you can easily search for the keyword and it will show you messages, apps, emails etc related to that keyword.

Saving a Web page : How convenient it would be to save a web page with image and url in few clicks ? While browsing through any website or while reading any of your favorite article you can simply open the Scrap Booker feature to save it in your scrap book. You can easily access the article/webpage later via your scrapbook.

Multitasking like a Boss:


Note 3 offers a whole new level of multitasking, you can use the multi window feature to run two apps simultaneously on the screen and that’s not all you can even launch some more apps using the Pen Window. You can access the pen window by using 2 dots and a square.

screenshot (6)

So if you are still thinking how it will help you so let me explain this with a help of an example. Consider a simply scenario where you are working on a presentation and reading a article on the web on your Note 3. Now if you need to open a calculator you can minimize the browser or use pen window to open a small popup window. The best part is you can always minimize the popup window as a small circular icon with can be accessed later.

screenshot (4)

Similarly you can compose a email on your Note 3 and at the same time watch videos and do chat on whatsapp with your friends using the Pen Window option . You can perform N number of such tasks with your Note 3 and Pen Window feature.

Share Jokes with Ease: While browsing through your favorite jokes website you find a joke which you want to whatsapp your friends, so how do you share the joke? Copy the text close the application open whatsapp paste the joke and send it your friend? Now you can simply open whatsapp using two dots and a square. Open air command, select pen window draw a square and select whatsapp. Now you can easily paste and send the jokes. It would be much more useful if you are planning to share multiple jokes since you can easily minimize the whatsapp app where as in normal devices you need to switch between the applications every time you want to share the joke.

Emailing: Mails is an integral part of our lives specially if we are a working professional. Though emailing is a simple task where you open the mail app type in the email address and other information and tap on send button. But what if you boss says to write down a email and you don’t have a pen and paper. Galaxy Note 3 was specifically made for taking down notes so you can easily open Action Memo using two dots(open Air command using first dot and action memo using 2nd) and write down the email address.

Easy huh? Could have been done with pen and paper or directly typing it on some note taking application? What if after writing it down you boss says drop him/her a mail with blah blah information? Now if you have written it down in Action memo you can simply tap the action button and choose mail option to directly open the mail app and it will fill the “To” field with the email address you wrote. Awesome, isn’t?

Scraping Youtube Video: Saving the youtube video for viewing later was a difficult task but not anymore. While watching or browsing through any of your favorite youtube videos you can save it using the scrap book feature. It not only saves a thumbnail of the video but also some information and Video url.

screenshot (5)

Sharing your location with Friends: Planning to meet your friends at a particular location but it is hard to explain a particular location? Not anymore. Simply open the map and now use a dot to open Air command and choose the Screen Write option. Encircle the location and share it with your friends. Simple isn’t?

screenshot (1)

Note Down and search Address: Writing down address using S pen is a simple task but what if someone who just dictated the address to you also ask you to search it in the maps? Instead of copy the address and opening the maps application and then pasting it there you just need to tap the action button in case you wrote the address in Action memo window and select the Locate/search in the maps option. That’s it. So in just few clicks you can write down and search an address on maps, how cool is that?

Here are some more useful things you can do with the dot, circle and square:

1. Watch videos on youtube while performing some other task using the Pen Window

2. Search for some information in a popup window using pen window while drafting a email or preparing a presentation.

3. Do a hangout and take down notes simultaneously.

4. Lookout for any number/ information from phonebook while doing any other task like sending a mail.

There are endless possibilities of what you can do with the dot, circle and square. All you need is a Note 3 🙂

Author: Akshay Aggarwal

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