Dell XPS 14 Ultrabook Review

These days people prefer to buy ultrabooks rather than normal laptops. One of the major reason to opt for ultrabooks is that they are quite slim & light weight as compare to  normal laptops.

dell xps 14 ultrabook front

We recently got Dell XPS 14 ultrabook for review. Dell XPS 14 is one of the  latest ultrabook launched by dell. Dell XPS 14 is a perfect blend of style and performance.

Is it really ultrabook?

An ultrabook is designed in a such a way that it occupies less space without compromising on performance. They are lighter than the normal laptops and thus easy to carry. We compared the Dell XPS 14 ultrabook with our Dell XPS 15. You would be shocked after seeing the images. Dell Xps 14 is much thinner and lighter than the Dell xps 15.

dell xps 14 vs xps 15 comparison

Dell XPS 15 thickness is nearly double than that of Dell XPS 14. Dell XPS 14 is just 20.7mm thick. Though Dell XPS 14 is quite slim but it is not as light as its predecessor Dell XPS 13. Dell XPS 14 weighs around 2.1kg which is bit heavy for an ultrabook.  dell xps 14  comparison

Build & Design

Dell XPS is one of the best laptops in terms of design. It is made up of unibody aluminium shell which provides sturdiness to the laptop.  The lid is just like the Dell XPS 13 i.e glossy aluminium design with Dell Logo embossed in the middle.

dell xps 14 top

The base of the laptop is coated with silicon layer. Dell XPS 13 had a carbon fiber bottom casing which is much better than the Dell XPS 14 silicon coating in terms of looks. But usually how often anyone check the bottom of the laptop? Just like the XPS 13 it also have a metallic flag covering various numbers like service tag number and windows serial key.

dell xps 14 bottom

On the left side we have all the major ports. We have two USB 3.0 ports which are backward compatible with USB 2.0 ports, a HDMI port, one mini display port, ethernet port and a hole for AC adapter.

dell xps 14 ports

You might have noticed that the ethernet port is too thin for a standard ethernet cable. The company has given a hinged metal bottom in the ethernet port that expands when you are inserting a standard Ethernet cable.

dell xps 14 lan port

On the right side we have Kensington Security Slot, a SD card slot and a combined 3.5mm headphone/microphone jack. Just Like other ultrabooks Dell XPS 14 lacks an optical drive.

dell xps 14 right

dell xps 14 memory cardTalking about the display, XPS 14 has a 14 inch display with a 1600×900 pixels resolution. It comes with  an edge-to-edge Corning Gorilla Glass panel that prevents the screen from accidental scratches.

dell xps 14 ultrabook full view

XPS 14 has same type of keyboard as the XPS 13. It has a backlit keyboard they keys are well spaced. The wrist rest area is caoted with a black rubberised material. It is easy and conmfortable to type on the keyboard.

dell xps 14 keyboard

dell xps 14 backlit keyboard

The touch pad is quite big, responsive and works very well. Below the touch pad you have a battery indicator light that turns amber when charging.

dell xps 14 ultrabook touchpad

Features & Performance

XPS 14 has a great specifications. It comes with a Core i5-3317U processor. This chip belongs to Intel’s third-generation core processor aka Ivy Bridge. It has four cores which run at a frequency of 1.7Ghz and can get upto 2.6Ghz on turbo boost technology. Our XPS came with 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive and Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics with an 1Gb GDDR5 nvidia 630M nvidia graphics card.

dell xps 14 ultrabook laptop

The XPS 14 rarely heats up under regular usage and it is quite comfortable to use for long periods. The speakers are on the backside and they are pretty loud. We found the audio quality to be quite good in terms of quality as well as volume level. overall XPS 14 has good specifications which can easily handle office tasks as well as entertainment needs of the user. The ultrabook can also be used to play high end games like call of duty modern warfare 2, Battlefield 3 etc.

Battery Life

XPS 14 has a good battery life. We played a HD clip on XPS 14 in a loop at medium brightness and to our surprise the laptop played it for around 6 hours before shutting down. This is quite a good battery backup and we are really impressed by it.


We really like the Dell XPS 14 as a ultrabook. It is available in India at a price tag of around Rs 79,000. It has a great build quality and a good design. You can use it for both office and personal work. The great battery backup would allow you to use it for hours before charging it again. We would highly recommend XPS 14 to our readers who are looking for a powerful and stylish ultrabook.

Pros :

  • Better Build quality
  • Great Design
  • High Performance
  • Good Battery backup

Cons :

  • Average Screen

Author: Akshay Aggarwal

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