Dell Inspiron One 2020 All-in-One Desktop Review

Nowadays people prefer an All in One Desktop over the traditional desktop PC which comes with a separate cabinet for CPU. The main reason for this change is the fact that All in one or AIO desktop occupies much lesser space than the traditional desktop PC.

Dell Inspiron One 2020

Dell also has a range of All in One desktops. One such system is the Inspiron One 2020 which is a 20 inch AIO desktop from Dell. The system with Intel Pentium processor and 2GB RAM cost around Rs 28,000 (excluding VAT) in India. Today we are going to share our views about the Dell Inspiron One 2020 AIO Desktop.

Design & Build

Inspiron One 2020 comes with a 20 inch HD display and a wireless keyboard & Mouse.

Dell Inspiron One 2020 desktop

These days the most famous AIO is the new iMac due to its sleek design and stylish looks. Though the Inspiron One 2020 is no where near the new iMac in terms thickness but it is still quite stylish due to its glossy back. Not to forget that the price of new iMac is nearly Double than the Inspiron One 2020 AIO desktops. Just check out the image below to get a brief idea about the thickness of the system.

Dell Inspiron One 2020 side

Talking about the display, it has a 1600×900 WLED resolution which is quite decent for an entry level AIO desktop. Since it is an AIO, all the ports and other hardware such as processor, RAM, hard disk, optical drive etc are integrated with the monitor itself. The monitor also has a integrated webcam which can be used for video chatting.

Dell Inspiron One 2020 front

The first button which you would notice in the system would be present on the lower right corner of the monitor. This is the button to turn on r off the display. On the right side of the monitor you have a power button t turn on the system and above it you have a indicator LED for hard disk which blinks whenever some read/write operation is being performed on the hard disk. So in simple terms it would keep blinking until you turn off your system.

Dell Inspiron One 2020 side3

On the right side you also have a optical drive. The optical drive is placed vertically and it looks so cool when you open the drive. I personally felt as if I have a system from the future.

Dell Inspiron One 2020 other side

On the left side you have two USB ports, two 3.5 mm jacks one for headphones and other for microphone and 3 buttons to control the display settings of the monitor.

Dell Inspiron One 2020 ports

Now coming to the back of the system. Dell has given a glossy finish at the back which really ads a wow factor to the Inspiron One 2020. At the back you have few ports and Dell branding in the center.

Dell Inspiron One 2020 back

At the back you have an Ethernet port, 3 USB ports and a hole for the power cord.

Dell Inspiron One 2020 back ports

With Inspiron One 2020 you get a wireless keyboard and mouse which can be connected to the system using a single Bluetooth receiver provided with the System.

Dell Inspiron One 2020 input

The Bluetooth receiver is quite small and once plugged in the USB port you would barely notice it.

Dell Inspiron One 2020 bluetooth adapter

The mouse & the keyboard provided with the system are a standard wireless mouse & keyboard manufactured by Dell. Both of them works just fine and we don’t have any complaints about them.

Dell Inspiron One 2020 mouse

Dell Inspiron One 2020 keyboard

Overall, Inspiron one 2020 has a good build quality but not so great looks. It has a bit dull look in the front but a great glossy finish at the back. The question is how many times a user view the backside of the system? Even the mouse and keyboard bundled with the system does not look stylish when compared to the other wireless keyboards and mouse available in the market.


The Inspiron One 2020 with us has a 2.5Ghz Intel Pentium G645T processor and 2GB RAM. It comes with 64 bit Windows 8 pre installed on the system. The AIO comes with a 500GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive and a SATA tray load (DVD+/-RW). It comes with Intel HD Integrated Graphics. The performance of the device is average and we don’t have much to talk about it since we have the most basic variant of the Inspiron AIO Desktop.

You cannot expect good performance from the basic model. This system is ideal for the users who just want to watch movies, listen songs, browser internet and perform other small tasks. The system would be able to run only those games which require low graphics and processing.


If you are looking for an affordable All in One desktop then you should definitely keep Inspiron One 2020 as a possible option. At a price tag of around Rs 28,000 Inspiron One 2020 is a decent buy for the users.


  • Affordable Price
  • Decent Build Quality


  • Dull Looks
  • Average Performance

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