Dell Inspiron 14z Ultrabook Review

Initially when Ultrabooks came in the market most of them were not affordable. But slowly the things changed, now there are lot of Ultrabooks available in the market across multiple price points. Dell Inspiron 14z is one of such Ultrabooks available in the market which comes with an affordable price tag.

Dell Inspiron 14z-1

Dell Inspiron 14z price start from Rs 41,000 and goes upto Rs 60,000. The one whose review we are about to share cost around Rs 46,000.

Build & Design

Dell Inspiron 14z looks much different from old Inspiron laptops from Dell. You would find the design similar to Inspiron R special edition laptops. The Inspiron 14z comes with rounded corners and matte plastic edging. It comes with a 14 inch screen with a 1366×768 pixels resolution. The screen is quite decent in terms of quality. The screen is slightly reflective in nature but you can keep the brightness high in order to remove the reflections of the objects on the screen.

The lid has a dual tone grey and silver finish with Dell branding in the center.

Dell Inspiron 14z top

The base of the 14z is made from black synthetics and has 4 rubber feets present at each corner. You also have 2 speakers outlet present on bottom of the Ultrabook.

Dell Inspiron 14z bottom


On the left side you have the majority of ports present. We have a hole for AC adapter, Air Vent, Ethernet port, HDMI port, USB 3.0 port and kensington security slot.

Dell Inspiron 14z left side

The side air vent is properly placed which is a good thing as it does matter a lot when it comes cooling.

Dell Inspiron 14z left

The Ethernet port, HDMI port and USB port are covered with flaps. You can easily remove these flaps in order to access the ports. The flaps prevents dust from entering the ports. Though some users find these flaps annoying but we personally like this type of covered ports as it adds to the beauty of the laptop.

Dell Inspiron 14z left ports

Dell Inspiron 14z hdmi and usb

Talking about the keyboard present on the Inspiron 14z, you would find the grey brushed metal tone present around the keyboard and the touch pad. 14 comes with a island style flat topped keyboard. The keys are well spaced and you won’t face any difficulties while using the keyboard. The touch pad present on the 14z is quite large and sensitive. It supports multi-touch and there is a small orange LED present above the touch pad which turns on in case you lock the touch pad.

Dell Inspiron 14z keyboard

Above the keyboard on the right side you have 3 additional buttons. The button present on the left is used to open the Windows Mobility Center, the middle one is used to access the MaxxAudio settings and the right button can be configured according to the user preferences.

Dell Inspiron 14z keys

The power button is present above the keyboard on the left side.

Dell Inspiron 14z power key

On the right side you have a SD card slot, a combined 3.5mm headphone/microphone jack, a USB 3.0 port and a optical drive. There are few Ultrabooks present in the market which comes with an optical drive, so it would be an added advantage for the users who are considering to buy this Ultrabook.

Dell Inspiron 14z right ports

Dell Inspiron 14z optical drive

On the front of the Inspiron 14z you don’t have any ports present. There are just 4 status LED’s present on the front side of the Ultrabook.

Dell Inspiron 14z notification led

Overall, Inspiron 14z has a good design and build quality considering the price point at which it is available in the market.

Features & Performance

Our Dell Inspiron 14z came with a Ivy Bridge series Intel Core i5 3317U 1.7Ghz processor along with 4GB ddr3 RAM. The processor can overclock to 2.5Ghz automatically using the turbo boost technology. The device comes with a 500GB hard drive along with with a 32GB mSATA SSD for Rapid Boot and Fast Storage. It comes with AMD 7570M graphics card along with integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics card. It has a Windows Experience Index of 5.2. As you all might know the score is determined on the basis of the lowest subscore and in this case the graphics had the lowest subscore of 5.2. The processor had a score of 6.9 which is decent.

inspiron 14z windows experience index

The AMD 7570M graphic card is a mid range graphic card in terms of performance. It can handle most of your games but do not expect high performance from it. We played few games like Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield 3, Hitman 4 on the laptop and they ran quite smoothly under medium settings. The laptop won’t heat up even after long gaming hours. It can handle all your daily tasks and applications with ease. The speaker present on the device is quite loud and clear.

Battery Life

Dell Inspiron 14z comes with a integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics card because it consumes very less power. While using the laptop on medium brightness the battery lasted for around four hours during which we just browsed the internet. While playing games the battery lasted for just two and a half hours which is bit low for an Ultrabook. So if you are planning to play games on this device do keep the charger with you else you won’t be able to enjoy the games for much longer.

Dell Inspiron 14z


Dell Inspiron 14z has a decent build quality and it is available in India at a price tag of around Rs 46,000 which makes it an affordable Ultrabook. It is a perfect combination of price, design and performance. It can be a good option for the users who want to use an Ultrabook but are tight on budget.


  • Affordable price tag
  • Decent Build quality
  • Optical Drive
  • Covered Ports
  • Great performance


  • Battery Life
  • Average Screen with 1366 x 768-pixel resolution

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