Creative Sound Blaster Roar Review: High Quality Bluetooth Speaker

Creative is a well known name in the digital entertainment products market. Unlike other companies that try to become super cool by adding some unwanted features, Creative focuses more on quality. This is the reason why Creative’s Sound Blaster Roar is making a lot of buzz in the town.


Creative Sound Blaster Roar SR20A is a portable bluetooth speaker which is available in India at a best buy price of Rs 14,000. Creative claims that the Speaker is capable of giving a tough competition to already established speakers like Bose SoundLink Mini. So, is Sound Blaster Roar the best Wireless Speaker in this price segment? And is it worth buying? Let’s find out.


Here is an unboxing video of the Creative Sound Blaster Roar showing various items you get with the device in the Indian retail package.

Design & Features

At a very first glance, you will realise that the device has a simple yet elegant design. There is a reason that this speaker won the Red Dot Award for design. Let’s come directly to the point. The speaker is enclosed in an aluminium chassis which gives it a very sturdy look and feel. The metal mesh covers the speaker at top, front and sides.


All important things like buttons, indicators, and slots are placed on the silicon cover. You can use the buttons for controlling the volume and for enabling Bluetooth. There are dedicated LED’s too that indicates that the function is active.

On the top left corner you have an NFC sensor, LED lights to indicate battery level and a Rec label that lights up when the voice recorder is turned on. You also have power, Roar, rocker, and Bluetooth/speakerphone buttons on the top.

Rear side of the device includes port for charging, a .5 mm jack for aux cable, one USB port to charge devices like smartphone and tabs, a microSD card slot and a Micro-US port for connecting the device to PC. Playback control buttons and a switch are also present on the device to let users shuffle or repeat the songs.


One unique feature of this speaker is its Bluetooth Link Security Mode. This mode allows you to take control on devices which can be paired with the speakers.  The speaker consists of two 1.5” high-frequency drivers and a 2.5” driver, especially for bass.

The company claims that they are offering two passive radiators in the device for enhancing the bass and these radiators can also be used to widen the soundstage. The unique design of the speaker allows all these components to stay at their place tightly.

Sound and Performance

Unlike other Bluetooth speakers, connecting this speaker to a Bluetooth is like a walk in a park. You just connect it once and it will automatically connect with that Bluetooth device every time. We tested different Bluetooth connections and it detected them correctly.


Thanks to the microSD card slot, you don’t need to sacrifice your battery by activating Bluetooth in your phone. We just inserted the memory card and it played all the songs smoothly without missing on any one single track.

We connected different phones to the device like iPhone 6, Moto G 3rd Gen, LG G4 etc and it worked perfectly well with each one of them. The sound quality of the device is wonderful. It’s crystal clear and full in detail.

If you are a fan of high bass speakers, you will not like this Creative Sound Blaster Roar as it is not exactly a speaker which offers excellent bass. So, if you love EDM or Metal, this speaker is not for you but, other than that, it is a pure bliss. The treble is perfect and so is the clarity of the sound.

It offers a button called “Roar” which increases the decibels level thus increasing the loudness in the song. The other button, “Tera Bass” adjusts the bass in such a beautiful way that you will love the bass but only at low volume. Just like almost every Bluetooth speaker and thanks to one side design, the sound is unidirectional which can be an issue for few users. Although, this unidirectional sound feature comes very handy while watching movies.


It is backed up by a 6000mAh of battery that can last up to 8 Hours. One more interesting feature of the device is that it reduces the decibel level when the battery is below some pre-defined level. The feature is cool but, you can’t override it as it actives automatically and will stay activated until the device is charged.

Conclusion and Verdict

Creative Sound Blaster Roar is available for  INR 14,000 and it is a good deal at this price. The company has totally justified its claim that the device can give tough competition to big players like Bose. The sound quality is good, build quality is strong and connectivity features are also up to mark

If you are looking for a speaker which can deliver crisp and light treble with clear sound, Sound Blaster Roar is a good choice. Thanks to the TeraBass feature, the bass is good at low volume. This speaker is a superb piece of technology and if you are planning to buy a speaker for movie marathons or small house parties, Sound Blaster Roar is the perfect choice.


  • Great Design & Build Quality
  • Good sound quality
  • Lots of additional features like microSD card slot and port for charging other devices.


  • Bit Heavy (1.1 kg)

Author: Deepak Kumar

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