Coolpad revolutionizing the budget smartphone category in India

Besides being popular and trusted brand in China, Coolpad mobiles is slowly gaining ground worldwide. Late last year, the dominant Chinese forayed into Southeast Asia (Indonesia and Vietnam) and 10 Eastern European countries.

Coolpad, which was Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific Co., Ltd. in 1993, today ranks among the top 10 global smartphone brands, producing over 50 million handsets every year.

The company attributes all its success to its expertise in hardware innovations, which it has perfected over the years. Coolpad has over 2000 engineers working in 6 R&D centers worldwide and owns over 6000 patents related to mobile phone industry.

It is this unique ability to innovate and seep high-end hardware to affordable price brackets is what has helped Coolpad gain a dominant position in the affordable Indian smartphone market.

The Coolpad Note 3, which was also the brands big breakthrough in India, was the first affordable phone to offer a functional capacitive fingerprint sensor. Thanks to coolpad, Fingerprint sensor is now a common feature in affordable smartphones.


The same was later passed down to the even more affordable Note 3 Lite. The Coolpad Note 3 Lite also included 3GB RAM, wide f/2.0 aperture 13MP camera and HD display for an unprecedented price!

But hulking-up budget phone specs isn’t the only ace up Coolpad’s sleeves.

With recently launched Coolpad Mega, the company presented a beautifully crafted phone that integrated premium design elements like 2.5D glass, and metal side frame for just 6,999 INR. More importantly, this was done without compromising on other hardware aspects.

These powerful, affordable smartphones have made a powerful statement and have had a resounding impact on the entire affordable price segment. With its aggressive approach, Coolpad is driving all other budget players to put their best foot forward and is thus shaping up the future course of the Indian budget phone market.

At the end of the day, it’s the consumers who benefit from this competition that leads the market to evolve for the better.

Apart from the entry level market, Coolpad is also extending its innovative offerings in the mid-range segment.

The Coolpad Max that is now selling for 14,500 INR was the first phone to offer dual storage space. An innovative software feature which was later adopted by several other brands. The dual storage space splits your phone into two phones and allows you to use two of each app signed in with a different account.

This can be used to keep your personal and official phone separate without having to regularly switch between different accounts or keeping separate phones. You can also guard each storage space with a different passcode or a different finger impression. The ample 64GB native storage further ensures that the whole process is efficacious.


Coolpad is now gearing up to launch another Android phone in India on 30th September. The new phone is being marketed as the ‘Beast Among The Best.’ Naturally, we are excited to see what hardware or software innovation Coolpad brings to a very cluttered table this time around. Luckily we won’t have to wait much longer.

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