Coolpad revolutionized the Smartphone market with Note 3 & Note 3 Lite, can it do it Again?

Some of the people, across this side of the border, are not aware of Coolpad or at least of its full glory; In homeland China, it’s immensely popular and has a reputation for delivering top quality products across all price ranges. In China, the Group is a leading developer and provider of integrated solutions for smartphones, mobile data platform systems, and value-added business operations.

Coolpad is currently the third largest supplier of smartphones in India. The consumer driven company has over 2000 engineers working in its R&D centers and owns over 6000 patents related to mobile phone industry. It holds over 1000 Granted patents and has won several awards for innovative mobile phone technologies like the dual mode dual standby.

Coolpad has also won awards like “Global Smart Phone Brands Top 10” and “Global Smart Connected Devices Top 10” by IDG. It has also been listed in Forbes Asia TOP 50.

Coolpad Note 3 & Note 3 Lite – Revolutionized the Indian Smartphone Market 

Coolpad Note 3 was launched  in India last year in October for 8,999 INR on Amazon. This was the first smartphone in India with a capacitive fingerprint sensor under 10,000 INR. Along with the fingerprint sensor, Note 3 offered good specifications like 5.5 inch HD display, Octa-Core processor, and 3 GB RAM.

Coolpad Note 3

Since it was a budget handset from a rather unfamiliar brand, many assumed that the fingerprint sensor on Note 3 would be just another gimmick. Except, it was not!

It was fast and reliable and worked as good as a fingerprint sensor present on the high-end devices. Even the software implementation was spot on. The handset allowed you to do much more with the fingerprint sensor than merely unlocking the handset. You could even unlock specific apps with your biometric prints.

It is safe to say that Coolpad Note 3 is one of the devices which revolutionized the Indian Smartphone industry. It offered features which were only present on upper mid-range or high-end devices. And even before the competition could catch up, the brand replicated the same formula with the Note 3 Lite at an even lower price point.

The Coolpad Note 3 Lite, which was launched in January 2016, was also the first “made in India” smartphone from Coolpad. The fingerprint sensor on this 6,999 INR handset passed a test of one-million presses and integrated the second generation technology; it can be used for nine years of long tenure without wearing off. Many of us thought that we couldn’t get a good fingerprint reader at this price point. But, it’s actually a good, fast and accurate one.


Who could have thought that users will be able to get features like fingerprint sensor which were only available in Flagship devices at such an affordable price? The best part was that even at such a low price, the company was giving the best fingerprint sensor in the industry.

Recently, Coolpad took another big leap, with the launch of its ambitious flagship smartphone, Coolpad Max, in India couple of months back. Coolpad has not only improved fingerprint scanner in this device so that users can unlock their handset in just 0.1 seconds but also came up with the new and exciting feature called “dual space”.

Coolpad Max was the first smartphone, which came with “Dual Space”. What that means is, that you can keep your personal and professional apps and data separate on two different parts of storage space. You can also create two accounts of any social media apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, etc.

Close on the heels of Coolpad Max, many leading smartphone makers integrated the same tech in their phones.

What’s Next – Can they Do it Again?

Coolpad is launching their Next smartphone on 10th August in India. As of now, we don’t have many details about the smartphone but we expect that the company will again surprise the users and might bring a revolutionary device.  The only thing we know is that it might be the best selfie Smartphone as the invite says “Mega Selfie”.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 7.48.18 PM

Through its India journey, Coolpad has clearly proved that you don’t need to make grave compromises for budget handsets. A worthy experience and flagship grade features can be passed on to budget buyers as well.

Despite all these accomplishments, Coolpad’s journey in India has just begun. This year, the company will manufacture 1 million handsets in India.  A lot of exciting stuff from Coolpad is right on the way. If you want to buy Coolpad Noe 3 or Note 3 lite check out their Amazon Page. Stay Tuned !!

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