Coolpad Continues To Redefine Affordable Phones With Unique And Exciting Features

Coolpad, a young and innovative global smartphone brand, has continually managed to unleash unique and flagship grade features in its Android phones, at remarkably affordable prices. The global technology giant produces over 34 million phones every year through its own manufacturing plants, holds over 6000 technology patent, and has 6 R&D centers across the world.

It is this infrastructural capacity and exquisite focus on researching and developing technology that consumers want, that makes Coolpad’s unique phones punch above their weight.


The company made its mark in India with the Coolpad Note 3, which was also the first phone under 10,000 INR to sport a capacitive fingerprint sensor that actually worked as it should. Back then, a functional fingerprint sensor was unprecedented in this budget. And the smartphone manufacturer has never looked back ever since.

The company later pushed the envelope even further with Coolpad Note 3 Lite, a phone that included 3GB RAM and fingerprint sensor for a launch price of just 6,999 INR. This is an achievement that even most contemporary phones can’t match more than a year after the Note 3 Lite launch.

Further understanding and catering to consumers with different needs, Coolpad launched its Mega 2.5D – a phone with premium design language priced at just 6,999 INR. The Mega 2.5D included flagship aesthetic elements including a 2.5D glass and metal back that were up to then reserved for phones that cost twice as much. The Coolpad Mega 2.5D was a beautiful budget alternative for anyone who prioritized a good looking phone.


Continuing with its innovative approach to tackling Indian affordable price market, Coolpad introduced the Note 5, a powerful beast with one of the best cameras in its class and a massive 4010mAh battery that lasted for more than 2 days of moderate usage.

More recently, with the advent of Reliance Jio, many consumers suddenly felt the need for extra SIM card slots. Coolpad stepped in with its Mega 3D , which is the only Andriod phone that you can buy today with 3 SIM card slots and one dedicated MiroSD card slot.

This is especially meant for users who need to use multiple SIM cards simultaneously. In the age of hybrid SIM card slots, the number of slots has essentially reduced to 1. Sooner or later, you end up using the second slot to add MicroSD storage. Thus a phone which offers freedom to use 3 SIM cards each with 4G VoLTE support can be a great utility.

Coolpad’s innovative approach isn’t limited to Software alone. Coolpad Max launched last year was the first phone to introduce dual storage – a feature that allowed you to keep two phones in one and protect each with a separate password and fingerprint impression. The feature was later adopted by several other major OEMs in their software.


A couple of months back, Coolpad put forth its new India flagship, the Cool 1 dual which sets camera benchmarks. Its dual camera implementation, where the same size monochrome and color sensor are clubbed together, is also unique in this class.

All other dual camera phones in this budget can only sense the depth of field to add bokeh effect to images. Cool 1 Dual, on the other hand, can additionally also shoot true Monochromes using its black and white sensor.

Now, Coolpad is reportedly set to redefine what a compact phone can be like. We are not sure what’s coming but Coolpad is all set to unleash its new innovative phone on March 16. We can’t help being super excited.

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