CES 2015: Haier Demonstrates Several Innovative Smart Appliances

Haier, a world renowned Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics manufacturer demonstrated a number of smart appliances and technologies at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015. These include smart TV, refrigerators, washing machine and several other smart products you can fit in your living space.

Haier - Inspired Living

Haier Roku TV is a smart TV was one of the highlight of Haier’s CES portfolio. Haier will also offer imple and easy-to-use Roku streaming experience, which includes over 2000 streaming channels – largest ever available on a smart TV.

Haier also showcased world’s first Air Rubik, which combines functions like humidification, purification, freshening, and dehumidifying together. This is a modular product which gives users the choice to build it in varying design depending on their needs.

Another interesting product showcased by Haier was Magnetocaloric Wine Cooler. This refrigerator replaces conventional compression refrigeration technology with magnetic refrigeration technology which leads to better noise reduction, power efficiency and causes less harm to environment.

“CES is a great place to highlight our range of products and showcase our technology innovations,” said a spokesperson of Haier. “We keep revolutionizing ourselves in order to develop new products that can improve people’s living standard and provide a better user experience as soon as possible.”  

Haier also announced world’s first operating system for a smart life in 2014, named the U+ Operating System. Haier is one of the first Chinese manufacturer to enter Smart Home market and having its own OS can help it develop a unified ecosystem. This will allow all different type of smart devices to communicate with each other.

Since 2012, Haier has been betting big on smart homes and is focusing on developing innovative technologies including the smart Internet of Things, cloud computing, Big Data analysis, and online service to help shape up future smart life in your living room.

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