Best Products to Keep Your Smartphones/Tablets Clean

There are over 80 Millions smart phone users in India. The biggest problem with touch screen phones and tablets is the screen itself. It gets scratched, finger marks remain on it and if you use them with oily fingers, it becomes impossible to remove these stains. In this post, we will be sharing some useful products which can clean your mobile or tablet screens without any problem.

All Clean


Kent RO Group has introduced a perfect product to clean any phone/tablet screen without any hassle. AllClean wipes are capable of cleaning the screen in just 1-2 wipes. The best thing about AllClean is that, they are not made of any chemicals, thus using these wipes will not fade the chrome polish of the screen. These are made up of specially engineered clothes which can be washed and reused for months. Apart from smartphones, it can be used to clean sunglasses and spectacles. AllClean is easily available at all leading spectacles stores and even on few selected mobile phone stores. A packet of wipe costs only Rs. 105 which is easily affordable, if you want to keep those costly gadgets clean and shining.


MOBiLE CLOTH is made of a unique high tech split micro-material which consists fibers which are 100 times thinner than a human hair. Woven in a special pattern, each pattern works to pull out finger prints, germs and smudges away from the screen of your device. There is no need to use any water or cleaning solution. This cloth is washable and can be used for years if used with care. It is available in many sizes and colors. A pack of five clothes costs Rs. 1000 and is available online only.

iKlear Apple Polish

This product is specially made for Apple device and is the World’s most recommended screen and case cleaner. It can be used for cleaning dirt, dust and removing finger prints. It is made up of a non toxic and eco friendly formula which is manufactured specially in California. It is anti static and alcohol free. Apart from alcohol, no ammonia or sodium lauryl sulfate is used in manufacturing this product. It can be used with any devices like a TV screen, GPS screen, DVD etc. This product comes with a cleaning cloth which is also made from unique soft material. A pack 2 spray bottle with a microfiber cloth costs Rs. 600 and is available online only.

Cyber Clean

This product is specially designed to clean surfaces where normal cleaning solutions can’t reach. It is not only a cleaning product, but it also protects against harmful bacteria. It comes in five different varieties for different products. It can be used for mobile phones and for TV screens too. This is a costly product and you have to place a special order to get this.

We hope that now your devices will remain clean and shiny.

Author: Deepak Kumar

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