Best Alternatives To Stock Android Apps, Replace Them Now

Stock apps are default Android apps which ship pre-loaded on all stock Android phones. Google stopped development for Android AOSP apps a long time back, and even some Google alternates that also ship bundled with your phone are not always the best options to go with. In case you have a Custom UI or stock android, here are some third party apps which could serve you better than the default alternatives.

Dialer – Truedialer

 true dialertruedialer app

Truedialer is a smart dialer app which benefits from large data base of Truecaller. This means that the app can provide you contact information, including name, pic, e-mail about an unknown number in your call list.

You can also search through the contact name revealed by Truedialler, even if you haven’t saved it in your list. It also prompts you to mark unwanted unknown numbers as spam or block them completely, thus simplifying the process. Users can swipe right on the entries in the call list to check contact information and swipe left to directly send a message. You can also quickly search through your contact book and also put frequently called numbers on speed dial.

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Messenger- Truemessenger

Truemessenger image

Truecaller’s messaging app, Truemessenger is also a great alternative to stock messaging android app. It takes only a few seconds to recognize the sender’s name even if SMSes are from unknown numbers. Truemessenger is the best SMS app to those who are really tired of spam messages as truemessenger automatically filter the spam messages to a separate folder and keep your inbox clean.

There is two buttons at the bottom of your screen- Inbox and spam, which you can use to decide the fate of every incoming message. Users can also completely block unwanted messages from particular numbers.

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Camera- Camera 360 Ultimate

camera app camera ultimate camera 360

Every android smartphone comes pre-installed with a camera app, but people are always looking for replacements. Youngsters who are also crazy about selfies often remain confused in their search for a wholesome camera app which is not always an easy task.

Camera 360 Ultimate provides many more options than the stock camera app. Besides clicking images, you can also edit your shots with numerous filters and effects. Using the app, you can save images to cloud, mute shutter sound and view effect of filters before shooting.

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Video Player- Mx Player

mx mxplayer

There are many apps in Google Play Store for video and media playback, but Mx player perhaps the best for general users. It supports most formats of video and audio files and is easy to use. Users can watch HD movies, music and songs videos using MX Player. It also supports subtitles and offers different fonts and colors.

While using this app, users can lock screen by pressing each corner clockwise, can swipe up and down from left to set the brightness, and swipe up and down from right to adjust the volume. You can tap the screen to play or pause, easily zoom by pinching gesture, and swipe left and right horizontally to forward or rewind. The option to resume every video from where you left also adds to the convenience.

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Calendar- Google Calendar

google calendar image

Google calendar is the best app to maintain your everyday schedules. Users can add their flight timings, meetings, birthdays, events, etc. and set apt reminders. The app reminds you of your schedules and places you need to visit with apt images and maps, which saves you loads of time.

This calendar app can automatically add your events, concerts, reservations if you permit it to scan your Gmail. Its greatest strength is that it is deeply integrated with Google’s eco-system, which means you can get reminders and notification on all of your mobile phones, tablets and PCs with zero effort.

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