BenQ W1600UST Home Projector With Ambient Light Reflection Screen Launched In India

BenQ has launched a new home projector – W1600UST- that has been designed “for elite families” and, according to company claims, is capable of providing large screen experience in the living room with lights turned on. The BenQ W1600UST will retail for Rs. 300000 across India.

To make this is a perfect fit for every living room, BenQ has eliminated two primary issues with conventional projectors. The BenQ W1600UST can be used even in well-lit room owing to its ambient light reflection screen and reproduces a 100” screen even when mounted a short distance from the screen. There are no ugly cables to spoil your living room décor either.

BenQ W1600UST sports a clear 1080p full HD resolution screen that has a BenQ W1600UST sports a clear 1080p full HD resolution. The projection is eye-friendly and is free of hazardous blue light and fatiguing flicker.

Connectivity options include Multiple HDMI ports, AV Inputs, and MHL capability helps families to enjoy Full HD content with input device by their choice; be it Blu-rays, game consoles, laptops, tablets or smartphone.

BenQ’s SmartEco Technology perfects DLP’s energy saving capabilities for enhanced brightness and optimized lamp life with reduced lamp usage.

Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ India said, “Our aim in India has always been to make more advancements in home cinema projection technology and give our consumers the ultimate experiences. With the W1600UST, BenQ is providing the ultimate solution for consumers that seek fantastic cinematic viewing in lit up environment within the comforts of their own homes.”

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