AR-based Yeehaw Wand can be paired with a phone to paint and print 3D Designs

AR is certainly the next big thing coming to smartphones. With the two dominant players –Apple and Google – already designing their hardware and software around it, we expect to see a lot of exciting AR applications in coming days. And one such application is Yeehaw band that lets you paint 3D objects effectively and to even interact with and print your 3D creations.

To do so, all you need to do is connect your phone to the Yeehaw band using Bluetooth. You can now trace your moments in air on the Yeehaw app on your handset. Once your design is complete, you can also print it using a 3D printer directly from the app.

Apart from printing your designs, you can also play and interact with them. To facilitate this, Yeehaw has partnered with SketchFab AR. You can also import 3D designs into the app, place them in the real world and interact with them.

The Yeehaw band has three main components – the wand, the Yeehaw app, and a 360-degree spinning plate that is used to rotate and inspect designs you made from all directions. Besides, features like 2D multi-touch gestures, 360-degree rotation, mirror image strokes, Zoom-in and Zoom-out, color and size spectrum, etc. simplify the design process.

Yeehaw is also building an open API for outside developers to empower them to create a new experience for the band.

Yeehaw CEO, Paul Wang said, “During our campaign for the Yeehaw 3D printer last year, we found that a lot of users were really interested in this new technology, but didn’t have the skills to build their own models. It was this problem that inspired Yeehaw to create a 3D design tool that leveraged AR technology, making it accessible and usable to users of any skill level.”

The Wand recently launched on Kickstarter and has already hit its goal as well as featured as Kickstarter’s “Projects We Love” and the first 200 Early backers will get it for a discount of 50 percent.

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