Apple’s Media Event Scheduled to October 4th Starring iPhone 5 & New CEO

We all have heard that Apple’s CEO Steve job has already quit his job. The latest buzz is that Apple is soon organizing a media event in october & Tim Cook is appointed as a new CEO of the company. It seems that Apple is going to launch some top notch devices in this event which include all kinds of touch devices to music players.

This include iPod’s, mid range iPhone’s, iOS 5 but the most awaited among them is iPhone 5 which is in the blogsphere from long time. Every kind of user are eagerly waiting for the device, so this news will work as a sparking wave for them.  Allthings have just reported that it will be a bigger event for Apple because of it’s big bang of  iPhone 5 as well as for the new head of the company i.e Tim Cook.


It seems little bit awkward to see someone else on the launch other than Steve but change is the only constant thing  as we know. It’s not like that, iPhone 5 will be immediately available in the market after the event it will surely takes some time for the phone’s availability.

Presently its expected that October 4th event is set to launch iPhone 5, but this can subject to change according to circumstances.   This will become the first big product by Cook,  let’s hope we like what they’ve cooked up so far. And stay tuned, because there’s more to come.

Author: Akshay Aggarwal

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