Apple Tries To Reinvent Earphones With the Airpods

Apple calls its decision to eliminate the age old, adored and trusted 3.5mm Audio jack as ‘Courageous’ but the move is bound to create resentment for Apple loyalists. The new iPhones can output digital audio from the lightning jack, but Apple primarily wants you to try its new innovative AirPods.


Apple’s AirPods are certainly more than conventional wireless speakers.

To start with, the process for pairing them with your iPhone starts as soon as you open the smart charging case they rest in. They can pair with your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously and efficiently switch between the two.

In fact, Apple has used a separate custom designed W1 chip within AirPods which creates efficient wireless to facilitate great audio quality and is highly power efficient. The AirPods can last for 5 hours on a single charge. The charging case they rest in also has 24 hour worth of battery juice and a lightning port for charging. Besides, you can also top them up in no time. 15 minutes of charging can provide 3 hours of battery life, claims Apple.


The AirPods are also smart. The sensors within detect when they are plugged in your ear and the music playback starts automatically. If you remove one of them from your ears, the music will pause automatically. You can also hold them next to your iPhone to check remaining battery.

Using the in-build microphone you can also make calls hands-free. Or, you can double tap them to interact with Siri and relay direct commands to Play specific stuff. The dual beamforming microphones filter out background noise when you make calls or talk to Siri.

With all those positives, they still look like something that’s easy to lose. Only time will tell how securely they fit in your ears and whether you can travel carefree once they are plugged inside. Apple AirPods will have to be purchased separately for $159.

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