Apple iPhone 5 Release Date [Rumored]

While rumors of the iPhone 5 release date in September have been coming for some time, we finally have a solid debut date circulating in the blogsphere. Mark your calendars for 7th September, when the iPhone 5 can hit the market, but probably we Indians  get the device in our hands sometime in the month of October or December.

By looking back on the launch date of iPhone 4 that was held on June 2010 in US and we have got the device in our hands after 4th April 2011. India has always being the last place for the manufacturer to launch their product. But now the things are little bit changed, more than a 20 million users are added as a new cellphone subscriber every month and all major manufacturer are considering India in the top of their list for launching products.

 Apple iPhone5

Coming to the features of iPhone 5, it will be tethered with iOS 5 which is latest OS presents in the Apple stores, and is equipped with some top notch hardware that has yet to be seen until it physically arrives & also you will get hundred and thousands of apps that are exclusively designed for this version of iPhone. Other goodies include 12MP camera, slide out keyboard, NFC integration,is expected to pack with A5 or A6 processor & 4-inches  touchscreen display.

Is it going to be worth waiting for iPhone 5 or not? I guess that’s for you to decide when it is finally released.


Author: Akshay Aggarwal

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