Apple iOS 5 showcased with Advanced Features

iOS being the topper among other available OSes and a strong battler of Android, upgrading itself to iOS5. Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has provided a preview of this latest OS today. The interesting feature about this variant is its Cloud integration, Twitter integration, and widgets. As we know apple iPhone 5 will be launching soon with latest iOS5.

Apple iOS5

Apple iOS 5


What is new in iOS5?

All major OS like Android, WebOS, Windows Phone OS have the support of widgets except iOS but the latest buzz is that iOS will also have them. Another ultimate feature is instagram app to let our photos shared on Facebook, Twitter instantly. It is expected that this time Apple has worked on widgets to let you update with weather and updates on home screen like Android and stay updated with useful information without the use of app.

Users also have the ability to rollback to the old OS if they do not like the new without waiting for release of new apps for latest version. On the other hand, Widgets avail you with sports scores, message updates , improved voice control.

Edition of multitasking feature, iCloud that is specially designed for Apple will let you upload music to Cloud and stream it over the internet anytime you want. iCloud is an real enhancement that will let you save your data on web and backup your data.

Apple has fix some major issues like Pandora and radio services to stream videos and audio. The device support NFC integration, NFC device you can easily share e-books, music, pictures and all.

Do you think Apple iOS5 will really work? Do tell us.

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