Dolphin Browser, Now Available at Apple App Store too !

One of the most popular internet browsers for Android is Dolphin. Dolphin has gained lots of users from Android based browser, but today an exciting news has arrived for iOS users too. Dolphin browser is now available for iOS users too 🙂

However, there are lots of other browsers already available in the iOS market, but why we are so much excited for the release of Dolphin browser, the reason is very simple. We are excited because of its features and design.

Dolphin browser is leashed with a beautiful UI, which allows you to access various features of the browser with just few touches. The iOS version of Dolphin browser is packed with all those features which are available in the PC based web browser.

Dolphin Browser iOS

Dolphin browser is integrated with an exciting gesture feature. Are you fed up of writing the URLs? Then here is an amazing solution for this problem, just make a gesture, Dolphin browser will open the assigned website for that gestures, no need to write even a single word, Exciting?

In the recent PC browsers, we are introduced with two new features, one is “Mutiple Tabs” and second one is “Speed Dial”. Both these features are added in the iOS Dolphin browser. You can pin the most important or frequently visited websites to the speed dial. You can easily switch between the mobile and PC version of the website.

Moreover, another feature which is quite impressive and powerful is “Wezine”. Webzie is feature which allows users to remove clutter from the website and presents you with neat and cleaner interface.

You can instantly download this app for your iOS device from the Apple App store. Do share your views with us.

To know more about the features of Dolphin browser, don’t forget to check out the official website of Dolphin.

Author: Akshay Aggarwal

Akshay is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to write about Technology and Gadgets. He is very passionate about blogging and has been blogging since 2009.

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