AMD launches the New Next Generation A-Series Processors in India

Few weeks back AMD Launched FirePro Workstation GPU (Graphic Processing Units ) and APU (Accelerated Processing Unit ) Line in India and today they have launched their next generation AMD A-Series APUs for desktop and home theater PCs in India. These new APU’s offer affordable performance, amazing graphics and multiple cores which provides much faster  processing.

These next generation AMD A-Series APU would be available in the Indian Markets at prices ranging from Rs 3,000 to Rs 8,000. According to the company when these APU’s are compared to any other processing unit in the same price range, AMD’s new APU’s offer more speed, better graphics and easy upgradation path.

These new APU’s offer hardware accelerated support for DirectX 11 on AMD Radeon graphics and AMD Eyefinity technology delivering a totally amazing experience to the users.

They are also a perfect solution for systems running Windows8, which is the latest operating system from Microsoft. Here are some of the points which make these next generation AMD APU’s a great option for the users :

More cores & more speed

The new AMD A-Series APU provides much better performance than its predecessor. It offers more than 700 GFLOPs of computer performance, max frequency of 4.2Ghz and  unlocked CPU with AMD OverDrive software for providing overclocking performance of upto 6.5Ghz. AMD OverDrive software application is a great tool for users looking to tweak/overclock their CPU or GPU and even for increasing memory frequency.

AMD Radeon Graphics

The next generation AMD A-Series APUs include AMD Radeon HD 7000 series graphics which deliver amazing graphics and take gaming experience to a totally new level. The new APU’s provide support for AMD Eyefinity Technology which allows the user to use upto 4 monitors without the need of a discrete graphics card. These APU’s also support AMD Radeon dual graphics.

Easy upgrade path

The next generation desktop AMD A-Series APUs uses Piledriver CPU architecture along with AMD Radeon HD 7000 series graphics on the FM2 motherboard. This amazing configuration not only offers many new features and a brilliant visual experience but also offers easy future upgrade capability.

Industry Support

The next generation AMD A-series APU’s are supported by FM2 motherboards of many major companies like MSI, Gigabyte, ASRock etc.

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