Airtel’s Ookla Speed Test Claims are WRONG | Jio is the Fastest Mobile Network

Reliance Jio has been grabbing headlines for several months now and this has made other Telecom operators uncomfortable. Every Since they launched their affordable Data plans all other operators are trying their best to match them both in terms of Data offered and Data speeds.

Airtel which is currently the largest Telecom operator in India is constantly claiming that they provide the fastest 4G network in India. Even after TRAI released a report stating that Jio is now the fastest network in India, Airtel is pushing their claim based on Ookla Speedtest results.

There is only 1 problem, the Ookla Speedtest results are flawed and cannot be trusted as users have found a major bug in their system. The problem is that their app is detecting and displaying wrong information when speed test is performed on a dual SIM smartphone.

If you are using data on SIM 2 and if you do a speed test on their application, they will select the network present on SIM 1. So, for example, if you use Jio on SIM 2  and Airtel on SIM 1 and perform a speed test using Ookla Speed Test App. They will show the speeds of Jio Network but will display Airtel as the network.

screen-shot-2017-03-19-at-3-37-45-pm screen-shot-2017-03-19-at-3-38-04-pm

Since Ookla is the most used speed test app in India and majority of Indian users use a dual SIM smartphone, this is a big issue and their results regarding fastest Telecom Operator cannot be trusted unless they fix the problem and start collecting the data again.

We personally tried the app 3-4 times and reached the same conclusion. Every time we used Jio or any other network in SIM 2 and tried to do the speed test by setting data on SIM 2, the network displayed was incorrect. We even did a video showing the test results:

So, we can safely consider the TRAI reports to be correct and Jio is the fastest network in India.

Author: Akshay Aggarwal

Akshay is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to write about Technology and Gadgets. He is very passionate about blogging and has been blogging since 2009.

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  1. Yesterday I installed this app. I figured it out that it comes in the list of worst app.

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  2. I use because don’t want to use there app

    Thanks for the information

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  3. Honestly, I don’t know if Jio is the fastest network or no, but Airtel surely isn’t. I am an Airtel user and I am just not happy. I was planning to switch to Vodafone but Vodafone… as usual too expensive. Now I am actually thinking of switching to Jio. But I do not believe in the Ookla results. Also, there are a lot of loopholes in the results like the dual sim problem, the voice and data confusion, etc. So I, as a disappointed airtel user would NOT support Ookla’s results at all!

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