Air Purifiers – A Mandatory Health Requirement?

Nothing can be more fundamental to the quality of our existence than the air we breathe, and that should put into perspective the huge challenge we face with burgeoning air pollution in India. Polluted air could lead to a number of diseases ranging from minor ailments like cough or irritation in eyes to major respiratory disorders and even cancer.

Indoor air quality is more harmful

When the pollution levels soared post-Diwali, we were advised to avoid going outdoors and to spend as much time possible within the confines of our homes. While this was an adequate temporary measure, this is certainly not an effective long-term solution. In fact, you will be surprised to know that the quality of air indoors could be more degraded and harmful than the air outdoors.

Reasons for indoor air pollution

Vehicular exhaust and chimneys spurting smoke aren’t the only causes of air pollution you need to be wary of. Pollutants like molds, mildew, dust, dust mites, cooking and heating residues, chemicals used in household products like cleaners, indoor pesticides, etc. and even foam used in your old mattresses add up to pollute indoor air which you might deem safe.

Even seemingly innocuous household objects like candles, shoe polish, and cosmetics contribute to indoor air pollution. Moreover, this is because the pollutants trapped in the air within the confines of your home aren’t free to escape and keep accumulating.

While outdoors, most people keep their guard up and can protect themselves to an extent using simple air pollution masks or even by wrapping a simple piece of fabric, but it’s the apparently-harmless indoor air that can do the real damage, as the larger chunk of our time is spent indoors and we don’t even suspect the air within the confines of our shelter to be the culprit.

Solution for indoor air pollution

That’s exactly why air purifiers are increasingly becoming important. Clean air is certainly priceless and is the foundation of our health and wellbeing. Fortunately, technology has stepped up and is up for the challenge.

There are many Air Purifiers available in the market today and one of them caught my attention. The range of Air Purifiers by the brand Blue Star appears to be a promising choice in this still nascent product category. Some characteristics that drew me to this brand’s Air Purifier range were its advanced air purification features like the SensAir technology that can sense the quality of air in your home and adjust the purification mechanism accordingly.

The TriShield filtration system used to purify the air constitutes an effective multi-stage system including a high-density filter to block large particles, true HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Absorber filter that can eliminate fine dust particles (including smoke), and the Silver nano carbon filter that can further remove harmful chemicals, odors, etc. thus eliminating most pollutants from the air in your home.

The nano e-technology releases electrostatic atomized water particles with powerful hydroxide radicals to clean out bacteria, viruses, molds and other microbes in the air.

There are several other smart features to facilitate easy operation. The Filter Clean Alarm notifies you when it’s time to clean the Blue Star air purifier Filter. The odor sensor can be used to clean intense odors in the air.


Amidst increasing pollution, air purifiers have emerged as a complete and convenient solution for clean and healthy air and are now a mandatory household requirement especially if you have growing children or senior citizens as part of your household.

How the Blue Star Air Purifier works

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