90Bids.com Android App Review

90bids.com is a pay to bid auction site which offers various travel products, electronics and other gift items at a very affordable price tag. Initially the site offered only flights and travel related deals and offers but now they are offering wide range of items including Apple products. Recently the company released their Android app and we are going to share our review of the 90bids app.

Downloading & Installing the App

You can download the app from Google Playstore by click here and installation is just like any other Android app. Once the app is installed on your device all you need to do is login into your 90bids Account or create one.


The app has a simple interface with three main tabs – Deals, Claim and Offers. The deals tab list down all the current items on which a user can bid. The bidding starts at 0 and increases by Rs 10 each time a person bid on the item. If you tap on the + button present before the title of each item it will show an image and you can again tap on information (i) button to know more details.


Whenever we tried to expand any listing the image gets cropped, so we were never able to see the complete image which is bit disappointing. Also, when you try to tap the information (i) button to see the details of the listed item, it also gets cropped and there is no way to read the full description on the mobile app.


The offers tab contain all the products which you have won in auction or bought from the offers Tab. Again the button here displays incomplete text for the word auction. When you register for a 90bids account you will get 5 tokens worth Rs 50 free but the “How It works” section in the app says 20 tokens, I guess they initially offered 20 free tokens and then forgot to update the app to reflect the new amount which might confuse few users.


The settings option in the app allows you to view and update your profile, learn how the app works and contact the developers in case you have any feedback/suggestion related to the app. Overall, the app is just like the site but there are still some issues with the application which we hope will be soon fixed by the company. To know more about 90bids or how it works visit the site 90bids.com


Users who love to take part in play to bid auctions or who are looking for some exciting offers can download and try the app. You will get 5 free tokens on creating a new account which is enough to try the app.

Note: The site allows users to create multiple accounts – “Unlike before, there is no any bar of mandatorily having single user accounts. One can have any number of ids.” which can result in bid inflation. Therefore think twice before you invest money in buying the tokens as a user can create N number of accounts to get 5N bids without investing anything.

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