3 Best iPad 3 Cases From TheSnugg.Com

The new iPad or the iPad 3 as the world calls it, is the latest model of iPad launched by Apple. iPad’s are costly devices and hence to buy the iPad cases is equally important to protect your dearest iPad. Today we are going to review 3 best iPad 3 cases. These iPad 3 cases not only protect your iPad from accidental damage and normal wear & tear but also gives your iPad a new look.

Snug iPad 3 Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard Case

The snug Ipad 3 bluetooth keyboard case is very light weight gadget that does not make your iPad 3 much bulky while using it as a Case. It weighs nearly around 280 grams and the ipad 3 fits into the case perfectly. It is a beautifully designed robust case that gives your iPad a New Look. The company has given a sleek and stylish brushed aluminium finish to the case. This ultra slim keyboard case is designed to clip onto the iPad as a case. It has a great battery backup which provides it a long lasting battery that works as long as 55 hours.

ipad 3 bluetooth case

When you look at the prices, it is one the cheapest ipad 3 bluetooth keyboard case available today in the market.  It is available for a price tag of  £39.99  on the TheSnugg.com. The keyboard case has a operating distance of maximum 10m. It comes with a USB charging cable to charge the bluetooth keyboard. bluetooth keyboard case You can use the iPad in either portrait or landscape mode with the keyboard. It is extremely easy to pair the keyboard via bluetooth with the iPad. Once connected you can use the dedicated home key provided in bluetooth keyboard as a home screen key to quickly exit an application. Click Here to buy the Snugg Bluetooth Keyboard case.

Snug iPad 3 Distressed Brown Leather Case

This is an exclusive leather case made up of PU leather which gives an expensive look to your iPad 3. This case is suitable for both business and personal use. This popular Snug ipad 3 is a premium case that is provided with neat folds at the right places. In fact you can easily adjust and keep it standing while watching movies or videos.

Distressed Brown Leather Case

What makes it more comprehensive to use is the cuts and sizes that fits at the places which needs exposure, such as camera  so that you don’t have to take out your iPad from the case in order to click images. The case comes with a elasticated hand strap for more comfortable grip while using the iPad in your hands. Click Here to buy the Snugg Distressed Brown Leather case.

Snug iPad 3 Case Cover & Flip Stand in Black Leather

This is an exclusive case for the Ipad 3 that is made up of black PU leather. You can fold the case in the perfect typing friendly mode.

Case Cover and Flip Stand in Black Leather

You can use the case as a stand for using FaceTime or watching movies. It also comes with a elasticated hand strap for more comfortable grip while using the iPad in your hands.

hand strap ipad case

Case is made up of High quality soft nubuck fibre interior and velcro flap which secures your iPad 3 tightly in place when in landscape position. Click Here to buy the Snug iPad 3 Case Cover & Flip Stand in Black Leather.

Hence, if you don’t get your precious ipad damaged and broken you can choose iPad 3 cases from above. The ipad cases provide protection to your iPad and gives it a new look.

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